I know what I want.
I need to know how to get what I want!

I want to know HOW to:  Re-create a life that brings me passion
  • Start a new new business
  • Bring a service or product to life
  • Make my idea a reality and create a solid plan of action that stirs my grits and gets me moving in the morning
  • Design the perfect transition steps to get from here to there

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Coming Clean With Your Own Truth

truth pictureIt’s true. I haven’t blogged for weeks. None of my words seemed to work together. I probably started to write something at least 15 times, but the syllables rang hollow as they floated before my eyes. And…I knew why!

I was struggling to write what I thought others wanted to hear. You know the message – write words that will help others on their journeys to success. Give them ideas, facts, information on how-to-do something. Blah blah blah. But, all that kept flashing in my head were the words share your personal story. Tell people what happened along the way…the happiness,  the childhood traumas, the many successes, the dark tunnels. We’ve all been there, experiencing multiples of transitions since forever.  I bet that some of you right now, as you read this, are squirming just a little bit simply thinking about sharing your truth with untold numbers of strangers.

Then my doubting mind became brighter, and I asked myself, what if only three people who read my words are inspired?  I began to imagine the ripple effect of three persons inspired to make life-changing transformations because of one sentence, one short story.

In order to make decades-long stories concise – at this moment – I have decided to share what I’ve learned along the way in no particular sequence, daring my hands to type on well-worn computer keys which have witnessed countless events.

So this is my public announcement. I am giving myself, finally, permission to write whatever comes up. I will share stories of the past and visions of the future. If a nugget captures your attention along the way, and you would like to know more, drop me a line. Coming out of the writing closet is going to take courage.

You can do this too. Please join me today, whatever your schedule and:

On a clean piece of paper, write: one thing in my life that has touched me deeply.

It can be short, or long, one sentence or twenty. Keep your writing in a safe place; add something tomorrow, or in a few days. Reflect on what you’ve written and ask yourself…Did that one short thought alter my path in any way?  I’m here to help you explore, discover, focus and create the perfect plan of action to make your visions and dreams come true. Contact me and let me know what’s happening with you and how I might be of service, Sharon@visionjourneys.com

Desire + Awareness + Change = Contentment (Part Two)

LMt. Dallas 6.25.14 with Deb 031 (1080x608)ast week I wrote about the many things we want in life, not necessarily what we  really need to live life, but the desire for something that may feel inexpressible.  While hiking on one of our small mountains up here in the Northwest, I saw this  beautifully transparent flower (of sorts) and it reminded me how change happens  so quickly. One blow on this, and then, transformation…and the pleasure of  seeing these fragile fronds disappear like magic. I hope that the short story and  the exercise I’m  sharing here will help guide you to a deeper awareness of the  contentment that  you seek.

Marjorie called me about coaching because she had been in counseling for several  months and didn’t feel that she was progressing in the positive  direction  she  expected. Somewhere along her journey of the last few years,  she had lost her joy for life. There were many reasons. She had divorced  six years previously, been recently downsized from a job she loved, lost a  close family member the year before and two children had left for college. Her  life seemed very empty.

During our first three sessions of building a coaching relationship, I asked her a lot of questions and quietly gathered information. When we talked the fourth time, [Read more…]