I know what I want.
I need to know how to get what I want!

I want to know HOW to:  Re-create a life that brings me passion
  • Start a new new business
  • Bring a service or product to life
  • Make my idea a reality and create a solid plan of action that stirs my grits and gets me moving in the morning
  • Design the perfect transition steps to get from here to there

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Desire + Awareness + Change = Contentment (Part Two)

LMt. Dallas 6.25.14 with Deb 031 (1080x608)ast week I wrote about the many things we want in life, not necessarily what we  really need to live life, but the desire for something that may feel inexpressible.  While hiking on one of our small mountains up here in the Northwest, I saw this  beautifully transparent flower (of sorts) and it reminded me how change happens  so quickly. One blow on this, and then, transformation…and the pleasure of  seeing these fragile fronds disappear like magic. I hope that the short story and  the exercise I’m  sharing here will help guide you to a deeper awareness of the  contentment that  you seek.

Marjorie called me about coaching because she had been in counseling for several  months and didn’t feel that she was progressing in the positive  direction  she  expected. Somewhere along her journey of the last few years,  she had lost her joy for life. There were many reasons. She had divorced  six years previously, been recently downsized from a job she loved, lost a  close family member the year before and two children had left for college. Her  life seemed very empty.

During our first three sessions of building a coaching relationship, I asked her a lot of questions and quietly gathered information. When we talked the fourth time, I asked her if she would be willing to carry a little notebook with her for at least three or four weeks and write down any time or circumstance that brought joy to mind (and why), and if something made her feel particularly sad to jot that down also. She was a little wary, but said she would do it.

When we talked after the first week of her exercise, there were only two instances that she felt brought a glimmer of lightheartedness…and several occasions that made her feel sad. I congratulated her on being aware of her feelings and encouraged her to do the exercise for another week.

The next conversation was full of surprises. She had started to notice things that made her happy many years ago and forgotten about. There were at least seven items she wrote about feeling joyful, even if just for a few minutes…and fewer notes about what created sorrow.  I requested that she keep the notebook going for a few more weeks.

I’m sure you can guess the end of the story.  After about three months, Marjorie slowly re-realized what made her happy. We were able to continue with our coaching relationship for several more months until her improved emotions allowed her to make positive changes. The vital transitions opened the way for Marjorie to change her lifestyle and live the passionate life she had been visioning.

As usual , this story has brought me to the point of asking you a few challenging questions, if you are wanting something else on your journey:

Do you have a substantial desire for change in your life? Do you want your longing to actually take place, or are you content to simply crave it for a few more years? Are you consciously aware of what is driving your dream? Are you willing to conceive a few questions which will bring awareness to your situation? Will you carry that notebook with you as you consciously begin to create the change that will lead to manifesting your vision? 

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Desire + Awareness + Change = Contentment (Part one)

desire image What can I say after writing the equation above? The words may speak for themselves, kind  of like one of those duh statements we hear now and then. However, let me digress for a few  moments.

We all have cravings. After starting Deepak Chopra’s new book What Are You Hungry For? I  realize that my gaining twelve pounds over the last two years has now created a strong  ambition to lose it so that I can fit once again into my summer clothes.  STRONG desire!  Chopra has helped me reach deeper into an awareness of why I have been gaining weight through the years.

Desire, in some fashion, has been with us since the beginning of time and it comes to all of us, sometimes unbidden, stealthily approaching until our brains are diffused with wanting something we don’t already have. My grandson’s present quest is to earn piles of money this summer before he starts college again in the fall. Some of my coaching clients have aspirations to create successful businesses. A good friend wants to divest herself of all possessions and travel the world.

The aspiration to succeed in some facet is the main topic of everyone I coach.  My job is to listen carefully and become aware of these wants and needs, to ask challenging questions, to guide others to dig beneath the surface …to create awareness about what is driving their pilgrimage to fulfillment.

When I begin conversations with new clients, it’s not long before I address being aware. If we want to make a change and we keep on doing the same things out of habit, there is not much chance of modifying our behavior. But if we are mindful about our actions and consciously understand what has made us repeat the same negative idiosyncrasies, then we can begin transforming elements that will lead us to the contentment we seek.

During the past fifteen years, I have used many different methods to help clients seek a deeper understanding of what makes them tick. The exercise in Part Two is particularly helpful and usually creates successful results…even if it’s not the specific outcome that someone expected. That’s the thing about tuning in to yourself—all  kinds of surprises can materialize. Part Two will explain briefly the story of a client who was hungering for change and contentment.

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