I know what I want.
I need to know how to get what I want!

I want to know HOW to:  Re-create a life that brings me passion
  • Start a new new business
  • Bring a service or product to life
  • Make my idea a reality and create a solid plan of action that stirs my grits and gets me moving in the morning
  • Design the perfect transition steps to get from here to there

We can create magic together because I have award-winning experiences to help you make your life happen the way YOU want it to.

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Unpithy Reflections and Gratitude

daffodils 009 (580x363)Wandering our windy island this week, I was trying to think of something pithy to write about; but all that  kept coming up were spring thoughts of gratitude — this season of resurrection, new beginnings, fresh journeys. Sharing a deeper part of myself on this thin edge of electronic paper may help me remember to give thanks more often…to ask for less, to be content with the magic that surrounds me always, and continue to inspire others with sacred simplicity. The following is a partial reckoning. Gratefulness knows no bounds. 

My husband’s, children’s and grandchildren’s love; women’s community and good friends; good eyes and ears; my bed; the creativity that is in me; plentiful foodhot fudge sundaes; the ability to write; the opportunity to help others reach their dreams; freedom; living near the ocean; the openness to continually grow; the ability to work and help others enhance their lives; the soft fur on our cats; walking in the woods; my computer; and on, and on, and on.

Perhaps you will take a few minutes this week to delve deeply and acknowledge your own gratefulness. I would love to discover what makes you smile, what inspires you, the passion that you bring to life. If you don’t have a long list, I’m happy to chat with you. Maybe we can fill up a few pages. In the meantime, I wish for you a most glorious season of hope and happiness…and new beginnings.

Persistence as a Goal?

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How many of us, in our minds, have envisioned our absolute end-goal, the finale of our impasssioned work? (Of course, there is always another goal after this.) However, what I hear often is “Sure, I know what I want, but I don’t know how to get there.

Enter an article in The Intelligent Optimist magazine. The writer of a feature story about persistence, Jeremy Mercer, states “how persistence — the ability to stay focused on goals despite obstacles and diversity — makes us who we are.” And I couldn’t agree more. I’ve been proselytizing these very thoughts for decades because persistence and dedication have resulted in my own successes throughout the years.

I have to laugh every time I think of a consultant who told my husband and me years ago that our fledgling record label would never gross more than $60,000 a year. As we grew to five million dollars in annual sales a few years later, I could easily see that my Yankee tenacity had paved the way for success.

Psychologists are defining a new trait as they re-evaluate the human personality system, and that is persistence. So what does persistence mean to you? For instance, if you have a goal of writing your own book, you might be saying to yourself, ‘I am writing a fascinating book but I don’t know when it will be finished.’ [Read more...]