Life Coaching

Coaching is about getting to the heart of a matter, getting unstuck and moving forward with energy and excitement. Many people know what they want as an end result, but getting to how can be the biggest challenge. Major queries are often… “What steps do I need to take right now? How can I get unstuck to reach my goal?” Coaching supports the steps on your journey from where you are right now, to where you want to be in six months, three years or ten years!

The length of time for a coaching relationship depends on the complexity of an issue and the speed at which someone wants to work on their goal. Sometimes the desired results can happen in two or three sessions. I have also worked with individuals and groups for up to one year, and in a few cases, more than one year.

Transitions of various kinds call for life coaches and business coaches, and I have worked in both capacities. Major changes in life might call for support and encouragement, and perhaps time to reassess what you desire your life to look like. Maybe you have been in a career for twenty years and know it’s time to explore another venue. Perhaps you don’t know how to balance your life. Maybe work/life can be seamless!

I’ve learned what it takes to move from one realm of possibilities to another, and how to make that happen. Thirty plus years of experience in a governmental managing role and ownership of my own multi-million dollar business have shown me how to get things done! And I am passionate about sharing my expertise with you, exploring and evaluating all the choices that are available and helping you to decide what’s most important to you.

Regardless of your present role in life, if you are ready for change, let’s talk about how we can, together, co-create your own passionate, step by step, achievable blueprint for success! Contact me for a complimentary twenty minute consultation to discover a path that leads to more fulfillment.

Coaching gives you the courage to believe in yourself. Sometimes this is the only secret you need for your own personal success. I look forward to hearing from you. Reaching your dreams is my passion!




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“Sharon, Being in your Vision Mapping class series has been like having my own personal coach. I have been challenged, strengthened, enlightened and supported. Your Vision Mapping process is creative and exciting and fun to work through with the group. ... Thank you so much!”

Andrea Beaudoin,

“Sharon is gifted with so many talents. Experiencing her passion and joy while vision mapping together has awakened my creative side. Her laser focus insights and coaching have inspired me to put the pieces together into a solid action plan. ... Joyful blessings.”

Tina van Leuven, Ph.D,