“Sharon, Being in your Vision Mapping class series has been like having my own personal coach. I have been challenged, strengthened, enlightened and supported. Your Vision Mapping process is creative and exciting and fun to work through with the group. My goals developed authentically from my connection to self and to Spirit, facilitated by your coaching. I’ve been amazed that I am meeting all of my goals in a way that I would not have otherwise realized. I can tell that you really immerse yourself in this work that you love and it shows. Thank you so much!” Andrea Beaudoin, www.alignyourenergy.com

“Sharon is gifted with so many talents. Experiencing her passion and joy while vision mapping together has awakened my creative side. Her laser focus insights and coaching have inspired me to put the pieces together into a solid action plan. Within a few minutes, she offered me an outline to play with to bring my book into creation now! I love Sharon’s no nonsense action approach, infused with lots of love and support. If you have a dream and are ready to make it reality but are not sure where to start or find yourself procrastinating, then do yourself a favor and contact Sharon. Joyful blessings.”

Tina van Leuven, Ph.D, www.innerdelight.com

“Sharon Hooper combines gentleness and keen insight and clear direction in her vision journeys work–a rare mix which makes it all the more powerful and inspiring.”  Dr. Stephen M. Marcus, founder www.mbono.net

“Sharon Hooper is a magnificent person who is so filled with love and willing to share her heart. She is also multi-talented, very intuitive and a great idea person. Sharon is an extremely effective coach, and a book publisher, excelling in many areas. Her vision mapping session with me in person as well as on the phone is powerful and insightful. I love her sense of humor and playfulness. Sharon’s authenticity and high integrity have helped many many people to transform their lives and make their dreams come true.”

Colette Feinberg, www.thebalancecoach.com

“Sharon is masterful at helping us reveal our dreams, life goals and next strategies to ourselves. She pulls out, catalyzes and makes real all those loose thread of thoughts and swirling ideas into a tapestry of action and new possibility…all in a remarkably short period of time. Spending time with Sharon is one of the smartest moves anyone can make who is serious about actualizing their vision.”

Wib Middleton

Co-owner, Thunder Mountain Design & Communications  www.ThunderMountainDesign.com

“Sharon Hooper’s Vision Mapping is a journey everyone should experience. It helped me uncover my true desires and intentions for the future, allowed me to focus on how to make a difference in my personal and professional life, and gave me a strategic plan of action that is not only achievable but energizing. Sharon is the ultimate guide in your quest for “True North”!
Michele Miller, Wizard of Ads, Phoenix

“Sharon genuinely cares about my success and holds me accountable in a way that makes me want to stay with it. A clear focus on ACTION is the only way to make personal change and Sharon’s inspirations and guidance helps me believe that it is all within my reach.” Eileen Flynn, Human Resources Director,
Johnson and Johnson Pharmaceutical Research and Development, LLC. (written when Ms. Flynn was in this position at J & J)

“Throughout our process with Vision Mapping Strategies, Sharon helped us clarify our visions for our future. She provided information about tools, resources and strategies we had not been aware of. Of equal important to understanding the big picture, we came away with very specific action steps to take over the next 4 – 6 weeks, planting us more firmly on our path and accelerating our progress. Sharon utilizes life coaching skills and draws on her formidable business background to create an opportunity for Inspiration to flow through us all. We highly recommend Sharon’s work for those who are ready to move successfully into the future.

Eric and Linda Haggard,
Sedona Integrative Medical Clinic, LLCwww.sedonareferralsclub.org/integrativemedicine

Sharon’s Vision Mapping Course was awesome! Her energy, enthusiasm and expertise in guiding me through my life’s vision was enlightening and incredibly fun at the same time. I really enjoyed the interactive style of her classes and came away from the course full of inspiration, motivation and clarity on how to move forward with my dreams. This was one of the best things I have ever done for myself. I highly recommend working with Sharon.”
Jean Drummond, L.Ac.  Acupuncturist/Health & Wellness Consultant

“By utilizing Sharon’s Vision Mapping Strategies, in one week’s time, I lost ten pounds, got back out on the land and walk three miles at least four times a week. My energy levels have increased, I make food choices that respect ME, writer’s block has vanished, and it has become apparent that what I thought was “sacrifice” is no more than actually ‘making room for wonderment to arrive.’  For anyone who chooses to walk out of the forest and into the light of their dreams, I highly recommend you contact her. With Sharon’s professional, gentle, and caring (combined with an incredible lineage of certified training), you can be better than you ever thought you could be.”
Deborah Kay Neumann, Manager, Saddlerock Ranch Resort

“Sharon, and the vision mapping session, totally changed my whole life! I showed my vision map to my students and told them everything changed when I met you.”

Diane Bugay, Teacher, IL

“Vision Mapping Strategies with Sharon is a MUST! If you are interested in growing your income, growing your business, and having more freedom to do what you truly want…Sharon shows you how. For your success and fulfillment in life and business, I highly recommend her.”
Dr. Gayle
Psychologist, Colorado Springs, CO

“Sharon is a wonderful, premier coach …one of her specialties is Vision Mapping. While in Sedona, we spent one morning working with this process. What ensued was a very powerful, on-target session, where we wrote and drew diagrams on a huge paper for me to actually SEE where I wanted to go and how I planned to get myself to my goal. I continue to refer to this wall chart as a ‘map’ of my dreams’, and it keeps me focused on my goals.”

Jeannine Ayres

M.A., Founder “At the Water’s Edge” Center for Intuitive Living, NY

“I want to express my gratitude to you for all your unbelievable help in bringing about the vision of my business from a wee thought to a focused and strategic plan. With your vision mapping journey, not only was this process great fun , but a creative, results oriented blue print for what I need to be doing NOW. I have my vision map taped up on the wall of my office where I can see the direction I am heading every day. Your continued coaching is opening up even more exciting possibilities as I continue this process of reaching my goals. Thank you for helping me to express what I want to create for my business and for myself.”

Richard Lynch

President Sedona Adventures & Tours

“Sharon Hooper’s unique Vision Mapping Strategies gave me a holistic, visual roadmap that enabled me to translate my passions into long-term business goals and enjoyable day-to-day actions to achieve them. Her Vision Mapping process resulted in not just and “aha” moment, but a new “aha” life perspective that has stayed with me ever since. For example, thanks to her help, I’ve turned my home selling knowledge into a finished published book!
Joan Gale Frank
Author of Home Sellers Blues   www.homesellersblues.com

“Sharon’s unique combination of business acumen, intuitive and visionary skills will bring the focus and clarity required in the pursuit of your destiny and dreams. She possesses an unwavering commitment to her clients; she will bestow upon you her limitless gifts thus insuring your success. She’s a no nonsense person when it comes to her dedication and tenacity; she will never allow you to give up as quitting just is not her style”.

Roz Reynolds, Psychic

“Sharon inspires me to greatness and guides me through my commitment to speak and act on my truth.”
Cheryl H., Graphic Artist

“Thank you for the incredible business coaching session! The vision mapping is a dynamic process that was instrumental in helping me organize my goals, create a plan of action and inspire new possibility’s…Your incredible facilitation helped me shift my dream into a huge YES!”

Belle Shook, Equine Therapist, AZ

“Sharon has been my coach since 1999…she has coached me personally as well as professionally and helped me to make many difficult decisions and to make my business grow. I have done vision mapping with her personally as well as on the phone. She is the most awesome person with integrity and patience I have known and have been associated with her for over seven years. Her teaching style is both firm and friendly. You will enjoy working with her immensely as she will help you in whatever that you are trying to accomplish.”
Juuhi Ahuja

President and CEO, Wisemen Consultants, Houston, Texas

Juliette’s Success Story
Just when I thought I was lost, I realized I had been found…

Things had been pretty bleak that winter and I was feeling rather hopeless. For the past 7 years, my main focus has been running my own business. While other people were out socializing, making friends, meeting their life partners & starting a family, I was following my heart’s truest desire and carving my unknown path. As a result, my life was a little out of balance so when there were no projects to work on, I worried about my work instead and it all became one.

In the depths of my despair, I phoned my mother one day and she told me to look up “psychologists” in the yellow pages. In this day and age, it is rather odd not to google something but I followed her recommendation and on the page next to” psychologist’s was the “publications” page. It was then that “Sanctuary Publications” stared me in the face and I remembered Sharon and how helpful and encouraging she was when we had met 5 months earlier. The thought immediately came to me that “Sharon could save me”. She could be my lifeline and get me back on track. Once I regained my confidence, I realized we all save ourselves but reaching out and asking for help goes a long way. Sharon was the impetus and catalyst to my revitalizing the business I created 7 years ago and motivating me to continue on.

“Once I regained my confidence, I realized we all save ourselves, but reaching out and asking for help goes a long way.”

It has since occurred to me, that like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, I had “it” in me all along, I just had to increase my awareness to see outside myself in order to look inside and really see my true self. The magic resides in us all.

Fortunately, while on our journey, if we are unable to uncover it ourselves, there are wonderfully supportive and insightful helpers like Sharon who look deep inside us and help us remember who we are and why we are here.

Giving up? No way!

Juliette at www.JulietteTheResourceress.com

A Special Testimonial from an Executive at Johnson & Johnson

At the time I was an executive coach for J&J and needed some TLC. I think coaching requires bringing forth support, assessment and challenge to a client and Sharon brought all three.

She supported me in creating a very special celebration to honor my birthday, she challenged me to step out on a leap of faith and she assessed what i needed to bring forth the transformation.

A month later, I was diagnosed with multiple aneurysms and had brain surgery. All the wonderful plans that I worked on in Sedona were put on hold…so i thought. Sharon got on a plane and came to New Jersey to care for me after my surgery. She put her own business, her husband and her life on hold to ensure that I got the support I needed. When she needed to leave, she got on the phone and found another Sedona healer and friend to come here and care for me.

As my life transformed in many ways she was there for me as I was struggling to return to J&J….. reading proposals that would help me enter into a new job opportunity, helping me craft my vision and giving me a healthy dose of reality checks when I needed them.

I have since referred Sharon to two other executives at J&J who she coached and who both marvel at her work. She is a gift to humanity and you will be depriving yourself of one of the most precious gifts if you don’t run (not walk) into her loving healing energy.

Wherever you are on your path, know that Sharon is there to support you, mind, soul and spirit. We walked the labyrinth together, she created a memory book for me from all my friends, she encircled me with her friends and glided me toward a brand new job with Girl Scouts. Whenever I am having a bad day, I write to her and she seems to know exactly what I need. Her brutal truths are often just what i need to hear. She’s gentle, not pushy and gives you time to help the learnings soak in.

Next month, I’m headed back to Sedona just to spend my birthday with Sharon again. There’s something magical about the work we do together and I honor that gift. Write to me when you return!

Enjoy the ride!

My best, Angela