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First page of a vision mapping strategy session

Vision Mapping Strategies is a philosophy AND a container for manifesting the passion we hold in our hearts and minds.

I believe that every step we take, each breath we take, is a necessary part of our journey. And journeys are many — all leading to the visions or goals we see in our mind’s eye…and often, unseen! Somehow, we often arrive some place, not understanding exactly how we got there.

Have you experienced that “what if” question as you take next steps forward — the wondering if you are using your time wisely, or what would happen if I did this or that?

My personal belief is that every movement, planned or unplanned, is simply what’s necessary at a particular time in our life. There really is no right or wrong. If we leave even one of  life’s items unfinished..without completing that one step, with the urgency of bringing something to completion…we would not be able to create with fullness, the next step. We would have to keep revisiting the past, creating roadblocks for moving forward. Every step that you have taken in your life has brought you to this present place — even reading these specific words.

In other words, in order to move into another segment of our journey, we need to complete each step before we can fully embrace what’s next. And when we have the willingness to release the past, even if it’s just one minute in the past, we can step into the present fully, which in turn, brings us into the future of the next minute, hour, day — present minute by present minute.

I realize that all this might sound a little mystical. However, when I work with people, on their journey to wherever, it’s important for me to include the whole of that person (hence, Vision Mapping Strategies processing) and not just the surface symptoms of what is thought to be the roadblocks to moving forward, or the stuckness that is felt so strongly.

Joy, for me, is is working with individuals and groups from many walks of life and seeing the excitement in someone’s eyes when they get the nugget — the AHA moment!

(Read Who uses Vision Mapping Strategies?) I don’t always complete the vision mapping with everyone. If someone desires to experience a process of stepping forward to a different plateau, the concept of Vision Journeys is applicable. If a group wants to get to the heart of a specific goal, vision mapping strategies can be an informative and productive tool.

Most importantly, your success is my reward!

I get excited when I’m able to co-create the most passionate and achievable plan of action with you. Whether the plan, or ideas, are created through a workshop, retreat, a vision mapping session — I am open to all the journeys possible, just as you probably are to your own unique explorations and pilgrimage through life. This may sound amazingly like a personal self-growth retreat description because I believe that there are many methods to personal growth. Coaching, through many venues , is able to create desired changes and a re-impassioned life.

On a pragmatic, down-to-earth note, decades of high-end business experience, corporate ownership, strong vision and my upbringing in Portland, Maine, blend together an unusual quality and high caliber mix of logic, specific skills, intuition and vision.

Vision Journeys and Vision Mapping Strategies are intricately entwined to provide the best possible solutions for the optimal results that you envision.

Please let me know how I can be of service as you, or your team, journey through life.